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[kvc_section_header title=”Why us” show_border=”yes”]Why do many of UK’s top career executives rely on CvsWritingServices.com for their CVs and cover letters?[/kvc_section_header]
[kvc_feature_small icon=”fa fa-heart” highlight=”yes” title=”Professional service”]Our writers are certified by the association of professional CV writers and you can be sure of the best services that money can possibly buy.

[/kvc_feature_small][kvc_feature_small icon=”fa fa-pie-chart” highlight=”” title=”93% success rate”]We don’t make empty promises and over 9 out 10 of all our past clients have achieved their desired jobs with the aid of our CVs and cover letters.

[kvc_feature_small icon=”fa fa-money” highlight=”yes” title=”Affordable prices”]Our prices can easily beat any competitor out there without compromising on quality. With us you get good returns on your investment.

[/kvc_feature_small][kvc_feature_small icon=”fa fa-home” highlight=”” title=”Trusted & Confidential”]Your CV contains most of your confidential information and we use state of the art systems to make sure that these are safely kept.[/kvc_feature_small]
[kvc_feature_small icon=”fa fa-user-plus” highlight=”yes” title=”Boost Confidence”]Walk confidently into your next interview with your head high and peace of mind knowing that you have a team of professionals behind your back.
[/kvc_feature_small][kvc_feature_small icon=”fa fa-smile-o” highlight=”” title=”Friendly staff”]We’d love to help you at any time or day of the week. Simply drop us an email, call or chat with us. We are that listening ear that enjoys yo help.

[kvc_section_header title=”Testimonials” show_border=”yes”]What do people have to say about our services[/kvc_section_header][kvc_testimonial quote=”I GOT the job! After sending my CV and cover letter expressing interest for a the job vacancy I was called for an interview in 5 days and hired a week later! Your service has been a game changer for me” name=”Rose Brynn” title=”Banking” image=”16″][kvc_testimonial quote=”I took the CV that prepared to my job interview. I could tell that my panel was very impressed as they glanced through my CV. The company called me the following day and informed me that I had won the job. Keep up the good work!” name=”Benjamin Arnold” title=”Engineering” image=”20″][kvc_testimonial quote=”My CV was perfectly done and I felt very confident as I was grilled by the recruitment manager. The thought of knowing that everything was in check helped me emerge the winner.” name=”Liam Butch” title=”Health Care” image=”17″]
[kvc_section_header title=”Start Growing Today” show_border=”yes”]Take the first step today by arming yourself with a winning CV. One step at a time, we’ll map the future together with you.[/kvc_section_header]
[kvc_pricetable recommend=”” text=”Recommended” price=”19″ currency=”£” currency_pos=”left” price_type=”” title=”Starter CV” show_border=”yes”][/kvc_pricetable][kvc_pricetable_item] Fresh graduates and career starters[/kvc_pricetable_item][kvc_pricetable_item]Demonstrates applicants ability to learn and adapt[/kvc_pricetable_item][kvc_pricetable_item]Highlights positive & relevant experiences[/kvc_pricetable_item][kvc_pricetable_item]48 hour turnaround[/kvc_pricetable_item][kvc_button text=”Get Started” new_window=”yes” href=”https://www.2checkout.com/checkout/purchase?sid=1569522&quantity=1&product_id=2″]
[kvc_pricetable recommend=”yes” text=”Recommended” price=”79″ currency=”£” currency_pos=”left” price_type=”” title=”Late Career CV” show_border=”yes”][/kvc_pricetable][kvc_pricetable_item]People with over 8 years in career[/kvc_pricetable_item][kvc_pricetable_item]Demonstrates applicants leadership and management skills[/kvc_pricetable_item][kvc_pricetable_item]Highlights specialist understanding and experiences[/kvc_pricetable_item][kvc_pricetable_item]48 hour turnaround[/kvc_pricetable_item][kvc_button text=”Get Started” new_window=”yes” href=”https://www.2checkout.com/checkout/purchase?sid=1569522&quantity=1&product_id=5″]
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[kvc_section_header title=”Meet The Experts” show_border=”yes”]Here are some of the the leading experts who will be writing your CV and working to fast track your career [/kvc_section_header]
[kvc_author name=”Dan Lawson” title=”Expert Writer” social_icons=”facebook,twitter,google-plus” image=”179″ social_urls=”#,#,#” extra_css_classes=”wow fadeInLeft”]A retired recruitment manager, Dan is a master in his field. He loves to play piano during his spare time when he isn’t writing CVs and offering career advice.[/kvc_author]
[kvc_author name=”Resham Patel” title=”Expert Writer” social_icons=”facebook,twitter,google-plus” image=”165″ social_urls=”#,#,#” extra_css_classes=”wow fadeIn”]Having worked extensively as a human resource consultant for top companies in the UK, Resham knows the requirements and expectations of virtually every job industry. [/kvc_author]
[kvc_author name=”Nadia Adele” title=”Expert Writer” social_icons=”facebook,twitter,google-plus” image=”166″ social_urls=”#,#,#” extra_css_classes=”wow fadeInRight”]A certified career consultant, Adele is highly knowledgeable and has assisted hundreds of young and seasoned professionals finds new jobs, change jobs as well as get promotions.[/kvc_author]
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It’s deceptively easy to make mistakes on your CV and exceptionally difficult to repair the damage once an employer reads it. Prevention is critical, so here are the most common pitfalls that we look out for.

  • Spelling and Grammar mistakes
  • Outdated structure and design
  • Leaving out important information
  • Being vague and irrelevant to job position
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[kvc_section_header title=”Why hire a professional to write your CV?” show_border=”yes”]A CV writer is an invaluable asset for career advancement and self improvement. Below are three benefits of hiring a professional. [/kvc_section_header]
[kvc_lessons_chapter chapter=”Reason1: A professional knows what works and what doesn’t”][/kvc_lessons_chapter][kvc_lessons_item title=”You don’t have to make costly mistakes with your career and life as we made these for you a long time ago. Being in the industry for the last 6 years we have made enough mistakes that you don’t need to pay for. Thanks to this we have evolved over time and therefore know what recruiters are looking for in their candidates. Benefit from our wealth of experience and industry insights by impressing your employers.”][kvc_lessons_chapter chapter=”Reason 2: A professional is constantly in touch with latest trends”][/kvc_lessons_chapter][kvc_lessons_item title=”The job marketplace is an ever changing arena. With new trends and technicalities coming up each day, it is easy for a job seeker to get lost in the evolving demands. Since we are in the front line we are always in touch with the shifting demands and here to make sure that you are able to cope with these changes. Don’t allow yourself to sink into oblivion, lets partner and advance your career.”][kvc_lessons_chapter chapter=”Reason 3: A professional has spent many years in perfecting their skill”][/kvc_lessons_chapter][kvc_lessons_item title=”CV writing is all we do and therefore we do it best. All our heart, mind and soul is dedicated towards crafting winning CVs that give our clients the much needed advantage over their competitors. Due to the dedication and focus we give its only natural that we have become the best at what we do.”]
[kvc_feature_block boxed=”yes” style=”light” title=”You are not a template” show_border=”yes” show_button=”yes” button_text=”Get Started” button_new_window=”” button_href=”http://cvswritingservices.com/#purchase”]Beware of using online CV templates. Employers can actually tell the difference between a ‘spinned’ CV and one that has been done from scratch.
Stand out from the rest and tell a unique story about yourself using a custom made CV. Your aren’t a template and your CV shouldn’t betray you as one.[/kvc_feature_block]
[kvc_section_header title=”The average employer spends 6 seconds on a CV” show_border=””]

Recruitment managers in UK give each CV a 6 second look before deciding whether to relegate it to the bin or to shortlist it. Only the best CVs that stand out from the rest and that catch the recruiter’s eye are successful.
What can you do to have your CV read past the 6 second mark?
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